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Enhanced experience! - 15 Feb, 2023

We are excited to announce several improvements to Eversoul based on your feedback. Mobile users will now enjoy better responsiveness, and we have added breadcrumbs to enhance navigation. Our new sidebar design also improves the user experience. Additionally, we have updated our terms of service and privacy policy pages to provide a clearer understanding of how we handle your data. To make navigation even easier, we have added an 'Also in this page' widget. We hope these enhancements provide a more enjoyable and intuitive experience for all of our users.


Welcome to Eversoul, your friendly Neocities web portal inspired by the aesthetics and values of the old/indie web. We believe in a web that's free, creative, and community-driven, and we're passionate about preserving the spirit of the early internet.

At Eversoul, you'll find a wide range of content and communities that celebrate the creativity and diversity of the internet. From quirky personal pages to subversive zines, we aim to showcase the best of what the old/indie web had to offer, while also embracing new and emerging trends in web design and development.

I hope you enjoy it here and thanks for supporting the old web!

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